Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Eaten

If only I attracted men the way I attract mosquitos...

Despite all my efforts to keep the bugs at bay - they just love my blood... it's like crack to them.

 They're not so bad on the arms or shoulders... i mean, they still suck...

But when it's on the underside of the arm where it rubs against my body... i just can't help but to scratch... this one, just above was super-painful.  And this picture was taken the morning after the bite.  It was swollen to twice the size the next day.

As I said, the arms aren't so bad... not compared to the ankles.  Those are the WORST.  I have been slowly poisoning myself with a steady supply of spray repellant, slow release citronella bracelets, adhesive citronella stickers to put on clothes, and tea tree oil. 

That's enough to leave me nauseated.  No wonder the men are staying away.  (grumble grumble, kicking rocks)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer eats

Perfect after-dinner combo.  

The wine was 10,40 Euros at my local wine shop (which means you might find it cheaper elsewhere).

My first Summer in Barcelona

Summer holidays?

Totally un-American. 
Complete foreign concept to me. 

But it's the norm here in Spain.
More than half the shops are closed...
well, at least in my neighborhood (the touristy areas are packed).

And including me and the instructor, there were 7 people in spin class last night... that's in a room with 100 bikes!

I did take a long weekend up in the Costa Brava - near Santa Christina d'Aro... or was it S'agaro?  whichever... the sea looked like this:

My friend Patty invited me out to her summer rental.  She also rents a little Zodiac boat to take us out to these "swimming pools" below some rocky cliffs - where the water is still and clear and blue-green. 

It was "estupendo"