Thursday, February 16, 2012

Now that the cold spell is almost over...

Time to catch up on posting all the pix of the Christmas lights I saw around the city!

I had originally intended on visiting each neighborhood, taking a picture, printing out all the pictures, then creating some fabulous map-based artwork highlighting the different patterns all over town.  Sounds cool, right?  But when I returned to Barcelona from Cali, I had the worst cold ever and was bedridden and missed out on taking the rest of the pictures I'd intended on taking.

The Lights in the Barrio of Gracia

Gran de Gracia - looking down toward the sea
Gran de Gracia looking up toward the mountain

Traverserra de Gracia - western end
Traverserra de gracia - eastern end
some street parallel to Trav. de Gracia
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Traverserra de Gracia

Oh - why am I now uploading these pictures?  yeah - I've got another cold. and a fever.  This winter has been rough.  I miss that pleasant LA weather.

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