Saturday, July 21, 2012

How Is Death "Done" in Spain?

Odd question.  I know.

But a beloved member of the family,  my aunt Lisette just passed away this morning.  It wasn't unexpected, nor did it take any of us by surprise.  Yet it still hurts, and it's sad.

A kind friend of mine, another ex-pat from America living in Spain offered to bring a casserole or be of any service or assistance.

That's what got me thinking... How is death "done" here?  I was asking my mother... somehow it had a calming effect on her to get her thinking about the differences within cultures and between different countries.

Yes, there will be the mourning period.  But what about the celebration of a life well-lived?   Remembering someone for the joy and love he/she brought to our lives?  I'm not sure if there is a "wake" here in Spain.  Seems so much more mournful & morose.

Note to my friends and family:  don't cry... instead -  Throw a dinner party or gathering I'd just die to attend (pun intended).  The only tears should be those from laughter.  From reminiscing the good times - the stupid times - even the bad times. 


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