Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Little Hands"

Ludo calls his kitchen helpers his "little hands".  Starting Saturday July 30th, I'll be in training as a pair of "little hands".

I'm not sure if this link is available worldwide, or only in the U.S.  but here's a clip of who i'll be working for...  he's a funny guy...

He does have a show currently airing on the Sundance Channel called Ludo Bites America.  You might be able to watch episodes online...

One thing for sure - we get these sporty new kicks, a t-shirt and an apron.  more pics to come soon... And I have to get one of these books and get it autographed!  Uh-oh - that means more stuff to ship to Barcelona. 

The red ones on the left are the ones i'll have.  sorry for the crap picture.

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