Friday, May 27, 2011

Back in L.A. - and what I miss about BCN

I made it "home" - back to Los Angeles, the city I love.  But I no longer have a home.  

My suitcases will be in full usage as I will be hopping all around town and road tripping throughout the summer.  Why return to Barcelona for August when everything is shut down?

Good morning dead battery!
Yep, after 7 weeks of sitting in the driveway, my car battery was dead.  Not just drained - but completely dead.  At least I had almost a half a tank of gas left... 
Ok, fine... I'll take a new battery, Mr. Triple A man.  
I just need to get to Beverly Hills from Westchester by 10 am.  
30 minutes? That should be fine.

Hello 405.  Thank you for reminding me why I hate you.  15 mph on a thursday at 9:30 am? why?
Santa Monica Blvd - that was my mistake - shoulda taken Wilshire.  I know better than that.
15 minutes late for my appointment.  How dare I blame traffic - but it was true... but, oh forget it. everyone else was late too.
Is everyone heading out of town today?  
I thought it was a 3-day weekend, not 4!  
405 wasn't bad enough, eh? the 10 East - crawling.  
stop... roll forward a bit... stop... repeat... agonizing.  
At least no one was heading south on the 110 or west on the 105 this afternoon.  

I miss not having to drive.
I miss how everything is fairly nearby in Barcelona.
I love their mass transit system.  
I miss my new friends.
I miss being able to eat a croissant with my coffee in the morning - and being able to justify it due to my daily 3-4 mile walks.  

I don't miss the food there.

I had the most kick-ass Ramen at lunch today with my dad.

And this sunday - that's right - we're having Carne Asada from Sanchez Carniceria.  (swoon)

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