Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Learning all about English... in Spain?

the view outside my window at school.
1 month ago

me:  "By the time I return to the States next month, I'll be speaking Spanish fluently"

May 10, 2011

me: "hi, oops - i mean hola!"

or alternately

me: "hola, oops - i mean 'hi!'(they're not supposed to know i speak Spanish!)

TEFL Certification classes... they're taking up all my spare time.  Not much time to blog since the days are long and yes, there is homework.  Not so much homework, but constantly thinking in terms of lesson planning, memorizing phonemic speech symbols, reviewing grammar... I 

Think I get to unwind and listen to some music?  Hah!  I now think "That's a good song to illustrate the past perfect..."  

I came to Spain thinking that I'd sharpen my Spanish and perhaps even pick up some Catalan.  Nope... and during outings with the classmates, we continue in English because that's the setting we know each other from, and we just default to it.  

Intercambio... that's what I need to do.  after i get certified.

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