Sunday, September 18, 2011

About Big Lew...

 Someone I only met once has recently died.

I read the headline "Once promising basketball star Lewis Brown dies homeless in Hollywood" on my Facebook news feed - posted and reposted by some people I know. 

And then I realized who he was.  It was on that night, at LudoBites where I left in tears... no, not the night I had a fever... the other night I left in tears (the onion incident) - August 31st.  I was Hollywood-bound that night because it was a Wednesday - and my friends were working at the Burgundy Room.  I needed some hugs. And a drink.  But on my way there, I saw I was almost out of gas. 

I pulled into the Chevron station at the corner of Santa Monica and Vine - just to get a gallon or 2 of gas (that's an expensive station!).  This big friendly giant of a man walks up, and offers to wash my windows.  He said "I'm not mean, I just look mean", as he noticed how I was a little nervous. 

I mentioned how I was having a bad day, and we chatted a bit.  I told him how the French Chef was being all mean and how I didn't know if I could go back the next day.  He said if I ever needed any help, just look for Big Lew. 

He also told me not to give up. 

He was a nice guy.  I didn't know anything about him - but now I'll never forget that night.  Nice guy.  Sad story.  In the big scheme of things, having a rough night in a kitchen at a restaurant just doesn't matter.  perspective.

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