Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where The Magic Happened

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The "punishment jam" was cooked in that lovely copper pot

The mayo on the ceiling after Chef "expressed" his anger by slamming the container down on the ground.


Pistachio financier with berries and marscapone - it was a lovely deep green, but the picture doesn't do it justice... so good.

Foie gras, creamed corn & popcorn - plated, and ready to take out for service.

The outline of where the mayo was on the ceiling... I'm sure the glops of mayo fell to the ground that night, but the cleaning staff at Gram & Papa's still didn't clean the ceiling... ewwww.

yes, it's The Fred Savage - from the Wonder Years.  He interned a couple of nights.  Chef had him peel grapes that night.  And he did it. 

Rosanna, the pastry chef during the last 2 weeks.  Such a sweetheart. 

Me, sauteing the coins of fingerling potatoes that I'd sliced on the mandolin.  I look happy there, but I was always worried and nervous when using the "plancha" or flat-top. 

Erika, Rosanna & Joon (the machine)

Greg, moments after the sink handle fell into his hand again, and Grace totally cracking up, again.  Yep, it was a fucking miracle that we got anything done in that kitchen

Me & Ila - line cook, blogger, doodler extraordinaire

The Mise en Place for the Tropezienne dessert - strawberries macerated in sugar, black currants, powdered sugar, lavender blossoms

Sabel!  I adore this girl!  she always had the best disposition - always happy to be there, she also got assigned "standards"... and she taught me how to clean squid.  she liked that task.  me? not so much.

The oxtail entree - closing night... it was really good

Ludo Lefebvre - with his intimidating glare... this is him in a good mood. 

Chef & Joon

Scallop & Prawn ceviche - the leftovers plated for the after service final staff gorge-fest.  I took a deli-cup of this for take away

Brioche for the Tropezienne, with the creme patissiere & black currants - these were the leftovers for the staff

Now I get to wear a big red coq on my chest. 

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