Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I probably would have lost it if he'd told me to use nice long strokes...

All of the equipment French Chef brought into Gram & Papa's need to be treated with lots of care.  Many items - like the giant wood cutting board below, are very expensive...

This wooden cutting board is 24"wide x48"long x2" thick
Chef:  You see that Paco Jet machine (it spins the ice cream)?
Me: Yes, chef?
Chef: you be careful around it - it's more expensive than your car.
Me: (ouch, that's a low blow!) yes, chef. 

That wooden cutting board is also probably more expensive than my car.  And it needs to be conditioned.  With oil.

Chef:  Tonight, Sharon, you are going to oil the cutting board.  Scrub all the dirt off of it first.
Me:  (using a scrubbing pad & soapy water, I clean it off, and wipe away the soap with a clean towel).

Chef: (squirting a cutting board mineral oil generously over the surface) Now you need to massage the oil onto the wood...

"Be sure to use enough oil... rub the oil into the wood... use both hands, Sharon!  Like you're massaging the wood... that's right... don't forget the sides, they need it too..."

What's a kitchen without some innuendo? 

He is French, after all. 

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