Tuesday, September 13, 2011

She Noms things - and blogs about it

Another co-intern at LudoBites, Ila, has a pretty awesome blog. 

You should check it out.  Her comic strip drawings are the most adorable things - and she totally nails it.

She refers to herself as a doodler extraordinaire - and she is!

Go and visit. now.  just click here.
and her comic for LudoBites 007 can be found at the link below.  Maybe you just had to be there to get it... but it's true - what we did there was a miracle. She called it 99 problems (but I think there were more).


I'm gonna miss her.  She got us all laughing a number of times. 

Too bad she had another job at this Gastropub down in Orange County - so she couldn't be with us daily.  At least we can always keep in touch on Facebook and via our blogs.

1 comment:

ila said...

awwwww thank you sharon!!! we will definitely keep in touch :)