Wednesday, August 24, 2011

... And that's your punishment for tonight!

Joon:  Don't worry, he likes you.
Me:  How do you figure?

Ok - let's rewind a bit here. 
I was in the process of cleaning strawberries.
At 11:30 at night.
Because some little stubborn brat (me) couldn't keep her mouth shut, and questioned Chef again. 

Chef: Why you keep arguing with me?  Clean those strawberries.  All of them.  And that's your punishment for tonight.
Me: Yes, Chef.
Chef: You better take some speed (I think he means 'speed it up') because you are not going home until they're all done.

What made this task so tedious was that they weren't big strawberries like Gaviotas or Alvions - they were probably Chandlers or Seascapes - one of the small varieties.  So one little basket has like 20 berries that all needed to be topped and sliced.  And I had to finish the whole flat.  That's 12 baskets. 

Thank goodness Sabel came to the rescue when I was down to the last 4 baskets.  She helped me finish it all. 

Never an easy day.  Ever.

Oh, and other than some minor timing issues - all the onion tarts went out perfectly.  none stuck.  none got burnt.  none went to waste.  The only snag was that Chef came to the back at one point yelling that they weren't coming out fast enough.  Well maybe if Mike (owner of Gram & Papa's) got his oven fixed, it would work more efficiently and I wouldn't have to wait on the oven and get the tarts out faster.

Joon:  In the beginning, I thought he hated me. 
(this is Joon's 3rd stint doing LudoBites - and he gets yelled at all the time)
Me:  Why do I have to be so stubborn?
Joon:  Just do as me - always say 'Yes, Chef' - that's the only answer.  'Yes, Chef'
Me: Thanks, Joon.

What time did I finally leave? 
12:15 am. 
What time did I arrive in the morning?
11:30 am. 
yeah, almost 13 hours. 
and no... i'm not even getting paid for this.

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