Monday, August 22, 2011

The Shopping List Incident

Chef: (loudly) Who wrote "gelatin" on list?


Chef: (louder) Come on - I am serious guys - who wrote 'gelatin' on the list?

we all pretty much know it's Grace, but she's on the line out front and doesn't hear his inquiry.

Chef: No one is going home until someone tells me who wrote gelatin on the list!

Krissy: I don't know, but Sharon's got this guilty look on her face

Me:  Wha? that's not my writing... c'mon - you know what my writing looks like!

everyone laughs

Krissy: oh right - we have about 6 different versions of your handwriting...

Grace finally walks to the back and said she put it on the list for the next week.  Chef, expressing himself in his colorful way, said put it on the list tomorrow, not tonight.

(duly noted by myself as well)

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