Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Less Than One Month...

I'll be back in Barcelona soon...

The original intention of this blog was to chronicle my journey as an ex-pat living in Barcelona - hence the title. 

And since the name "Sharon" doesn't sound right in Spanish - gets lost in translation, my pseudonym would be Violeta....

My return to Los Angeles got extended due to an unexpected internship that I couldn't pass up.  I'm halfway through the internship.  And at times, I just want to quit - it's so stressful.  But I love being there, and being part of it... just making it happen. 

On the plus side, I'll be returning to Barcelona the same weight as when I left.  See, I don't particularly like cured meats & seafood... so I wasn't eating much in BCN.  But when I got back to LA, I started gorging myself on all the foods I love here, and promptly gained about 7 pounds. 

I never realized how working in a restaurant could be such ass-kicking hard work.  12 hours almost non stop with all the prep and then the service... and then the clean-up.  And no time to eat!  I rarely sit at the staff meals, and rather use that time to get my "Mise-en-Place" put into place for when the orders start coming in. 

Less than a month left in LA... EEEK! 
Of course I'll return.  But will it only be for a visit?
I guess LudoBites will be categorized as things I'll miss about LA.  It's not even over, and I already miss it.

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