Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 2... more dough.

My adopted task: the onion tart.   

Click here for some great pictures taken by Kevin from the blog Kevineats.  He's kinda "big" in the L.A. Foodie bloggosphere culture. And click here for more pictures from - another blogger who secured an opening night table.

You know what I found out?  the dough that has taken over my world is kinda like pizza dough (except this has more flour).  I can now make dough, knead it, form it into balls, and roll it out quite easily.  Well, not so easily...

Chef: Eez a good workout for you, no?
Me:  My arms are gonna fall off.
Elodie: why don't we use the pasta maker?
Me: we can?

Well, the pasta maker did help make the task easier - but not much faster... passing it through the gears, and trying to hold the little atlas hand-crank machine in place was not too easy.  we didn't have a vice to attach it to the counter.  but at least it saved my arms.  I didn't feel like I worked on much else besides the dough and the creme melange.

I was way too tired today.  I think i'm turning in early tonight - and I'll just shake out the flour from my apron and... no - i gotta put it in the wash tonight... ugh. 

I hope i can work on something different next week.

The Today Show cameras were rolling.  I hope i didn't make it in the clips.  I'm not good on camera.  And I was covered in flour again.


Martini said...

Yay! Now maybe you won't be so intimidated by the starter.

kevinEats said...

Only kinda? ;)

Violeta said...

Hey Kevin! i guess my shout-out left a cyber trail ;)

and Marty - I still manage to stop every set of starter you've kindly shared with me.