Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"I have to Tweet this" - Ludo Lefebvre

Who doesn't have a Twitter account these days?

I don't use mine, but I have one.  I added Ludo Lefebvre a while back... (just because?)

but as my current status says "I don't tweet".  I rarely look at the feed.  I haven't gotten into it.  And now that I've been working 10 to 12-hour shifts at LudoBites 007, there's no time for me to even glance at my phone, check emails, read texts, scan push notifications on my facebook - let alone answer any calls or listen to voicemails.  Complete disconnect from the world.  I'm in Ludo's kitchen and I'm giving it 100% undivided attention.

Chef, on the other hand, he can take some breaks... sure he's under pressure to put on the meal every night, but with all the hands in the kitchen working hard...

Yesterday I was in at 11:30, with my "standards" sitting on my work station.

Chef arrived around 1 pm, and as he was checking inventory and deliveries, he stopped short when he saw those sheets of paper with "I will not argue with Chef" written across the page. 

Ludo: Ah non!  ne me dit pas (don't tell me).  I didn't mean for you to... oh now i'm embarrassed... I have to tweet this. This is great.

Ludo Lefebvre's photo "I will not argue with chef" 100 times. Yes, I make them do it.
Ludo Lefebvre on WhoSay

I turned beet-red, as I do when the attention is on me.  But it was funny.

As for the work day... same as before.  Just a whole bunch more tarts.  And while the dough has improved (I kneaded it more, and used less water - so it wasn't as soft), the shapes aren't as even as they could be... Chef wants them completely uniform and a little larger... that means I'll probably have to make more dough - 3 batches instead of 2 - and dividing the dough into larger portions.  He's going to work with me today.  (answer to everything: yes, chef!)

Mean girl was there (boo!).  She doesn't say a word to me, ever.  unless she needs to.  I didn't need her help last night.  I did the tarts almost all on my own (yay!). 

Oh - and Elodie's new dessert - the Tropezienne - total hit.  out of the ball park - awesome!

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Anonymous said...

write 100 times "I will not argue with Mom".