Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ludo Prep - Day 1

I'm so tired, I can barely sit up to type this.

First order of business:  clean the place up.  It seems like Gram & Papa's hasn't had a thorough cleaning since the last time Ludo had his restaurant hosted there a year ago.  Apparently last year, it was 3x dirtier & grimier.  Not that the place was filthy or anything - but we had to move all the equipment away from the walls, wash the walls, wash the backs and sides of all the machines, carts, equipment... just to get it to Ludo's standards.

The restaurant was now clean.

Ludo: (happy about our work ethic and general ease and cooperation) we have nothing to worry about since we have Shannon here.

Me: oh, who's Shannon? (yeah, i knew he was referring to me)

Ludo: ah, no! Sharon, Sharon!

Did I get any assignments... not really - just watch and help and learn.
I was gonna help make the creme anglaise.
I cracked and separated 54 eggs.
After the girl i was assisting got everything else together I took the giant pan to the stove to start cooking.  But of course i didn't have any technique.
Chef then demonstrated how to make it. 
He stirred and talked while i watched.
since we will probably be making this ice cream every day, I'll soon be doing this on my own.
oh - and I have to taste it to make sure it is good.
damned lactose intolerance.  It tastes so good, but i'm gonna break out so badly.
le sigh.
So far, so good.
Chef has been very nice the whole time.

Did i mention how tired i am?

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