Sunday, April 24, 2011

Comfort Food: Seeking Noodle-y Soup

This is a new-ish comfort food for me.  Growing up, I was never much of a soup fan.  Never even cared for the Jewish standard, Matzo Ball soup.  But since I started cooking for myself, soup has crept up in the rankings of foods I love.  Especially soup with nice long slender noodles.  Like Ramen. Or Pho.  Yet these noodle-y soups that I am craving are nowhere in my personal repertoire.  Go figure. 

Last week, for Passover I made my first ever Matzo ball soup for our family Seder.
Well-executed - fluffy but not falling apart, round-ish Matzo balls cooking in salted water (to be married with the broth & veggies before serving)

Thanks Deb for the recipe & guidance.  These were great for my first attempt.  Still not a devotee of the MB
Lentil & Sweet Potato soup courtesy of Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc... this was a pretty f*ing amazing soup. I made this with Omgirlie back in L.A.

How awesome was this?  My soup almost looks exactly like the picture in SS@L - Suzanne Goin is my hero.
I make good soup.

I'm good at making a chicken stock & a veggie stock.

But when it comes to the stocks needed for asian soups - pho get it! I'll just go to the experts.

So in my yelp-less searching (thanks for not being here in Spain, yelp), I discovered that there is one (1) pho restaurant in BCN.  According to a couple of reviews I read, they don't have the standard condiments that accompany pho in the restaurants in L.A.  But pho is pho.  And I want some. Hopefully I'll have found my rooster sauce by then (b.y.o.b.?)

First, Pho.  Second. Ramen.

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