Monday, April 18, 2011

Still Without a Map...

... But not without a clue.  I'm just wandering the streets, and walking wherever my interest leads me.  Sometimes I pass down a street I've been down before... other times, I turn a corner and find something completely different.  Found: in the Barri Gothic - how's this for a statement against all the CCTV cameras all around us? 
Yet today I needed to use my GPS feature on my iPhone.  The data roaming fees are painfully steep, so I've been keeping it off - only going online when I have a wi-fi (or as they say here "wee-fee") connection.  When seeking out a specific place in the middle of a maze, when it's already a challenge to find the names of the streets anywhere, you kinda need a map.  

I was trying to get to my friend's place, and I knew I was within 5 minutes of his location... but I couldn't tell which way to turn or go... I only had a vague notion, and things looked familiar - yet it all just looks the same after a while 

me: "so I'm in this little plaza, and there's a tapas bar with some tables outside, by some old church looking building - I can't find the name of the street - oh it's Carrer de ____"

Mac: "That can be anywhere - and I don't know the names of all the little random streets... "

Thank you GPS (and the crazy line outside the Museo Picasso for helping to guide me)

the sidewalks have crazy patterns
view from where we sat for tapas
Once we met up, we found some cute little setting to sit and have a couple of tapas, and some vino blanco.  Still not a fan of tapas.  The wine, on the other hand...
The return home had to be on foot - MANDATORY.  Those Papas Patatas Bravas, Calamari, greasy sausages, pan con tomate & 4 glasses of wine needed to be walked off. I did take a break to snap a couple more pics.  (just a note: Papas is Mexican, Patatas is Spanish for potato)
on Paseo de Gracia
Soundtrack:  The Black Keys, Brothers (x2 - it was a long walk home... longer than i thought)    

You know you're on Paseo de Gracia when the sidewalk looks like this

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