Friday, April 29, 2011

One part of the 90's that should just die.

Me:  I just don't get it - any of it...

Mick:  Remember how cell phone plans were in the 90's? 

Me: (gasp!)

Mick: Don't bother with a plan.  just get one of those pay-as-you-go cards. 

I'm happy to have this phone, but it seems to cause me more grief than if I didn't have one at all. 
  • It texts, but I usually give up on a text after 2 minutes of trying to compose one. Remember hitting a key 3 times to get to the "f"... but if you missed, you'd have to go through the 3-d-e again to get to "f"? not on this phone - you get to go through all the variations of "e" with all the accents. 
  • changing the language from spanish to english has helped... but I still go through the menu wondering what half of it means.
  • The text alerts are silent, but I can't get the ringer silenced.  I want the opposite! 
  • the phone rang in class - but the texts are always a surprise... with no time stamp.
  • it doesn't even take pictures.
This little Nokia flip phone was my mom's old phone, which still has half of her contacts in - so i just quit scrolling through looking for my contacts.  It shouldn't be so difficult, but I have some sort of road-block in my brain that simply does not want to re-learn this old technology. 

I was so happy when I left my last job with the MCMfan - and returned the second iPhone that I was carrying around all the time.  I'm back to carrying 2 phones.  One to enjoy music with & take pictures - and sometimes find myself with a map... the other to take out of my purse, look at blankly, and shove back into the purse without even using just because I get so frustrated with it, and simply shut down.

At least the charge lasts for 4 days.

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