Thursday, April 21, 2011

How (not) to Capitalize on Insomnia

Last night, or rather this morning at 4:30am I had an epiphany.  Barcelona is a city where the nightlife gets started very late - like after midnight, and keeps going well beyond the 2am closing time in Los Angeles.  So why am I suffering, tossing and turning in bed until 5am and beyond?  If my body wants to be awake, let it.

I decided now would be a great time to start exploring the city at night.

Timing, as they say, is everything.

Here's the glitch:  It's Easter.  Which, unbeknownst to me starts on Thursday in this devoutly Catholic city.  Everything is shut down.  There's nary a soul on the street.  Maybe this only applies to La Zona Alta?  Aside from the fact that the wind is howling, practically uprooting the trees, there is a storm a-brewin, with the rain set to start just after midnight. Tonight might not be the night to start hitting the town.

Therefore if I can't go out, I will try this Hail Mary of an attempt to knock myself out.  Washing down a half of a clonazepam with some red wine (i know, don't mix the two)... but i'm desperate! 

In bed at 10:43 pm (or 22:43). No more late night blogging.  All electronics off.  Must. Get. Sleep.

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