Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 5 - Things to get used to.

I started writing this blog at 23:35 h (11:35pm)

The scale is in kilos.  I'm not sure what 62 kilos is, but my watch is looser on my wrist - so I must be on the right track.

Yesterday's walk from home along the Ave Diagonal, down Paseo de Gracia, through the Barri Gothic, and into El Born was over 6 kilometers.  My feet and legs are still tired.  It was a lot of walking - however long it was.  Today's walk was over 2 km.

While trying on some dresses at El Corte Ingles (the main spanish department store) - I had no idea what size to try.  46 was like a tent. 44 was just oddly shaped. 40 fit, but the cut was all wrong.  38 was the nicest.  

My spanish Castillano is not improving much since everything is written in Catalan on all the billboards. I can't even eavesdrop on conversations!

Not having to drive anywhere is wonderful.

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