Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 8 - at the Mercat Galvany

I never seemed to have so much trouble getting up in the morning as I've been having here in Barcelona.  It's not jet lag - I've been here a week.  It's just that evil beast "insomnia" rearing its ugly head every night.  Of course there are the pills to take to help me sleep (xanax, clonazepam) - but those make it harder for me to get up in the morning.  

It's like entering a church!
So every morning, I miss the Mercat Galvany - which closes at 2pm.  That is the closest thing to a farmers market for me.  but their produce stands are very disappointing.  All the fruit/vegetable stands sell the same things (lettuce, peas, favas, strawberries, oranges, celery, currants...) As opposed to what I'm used to at any of the certified farmers markets around the southern california area... where I know Coleman farms will have all the best greens, and Harry's Berries will have the best strawberries (and jam), and Baldessari farms will have my favorite Mayfair nectarines in about a month or so... I wonder if I'll find any boysenberries when I go back next month?  

However they do have lots of fish, seafood, meats and poultry.  And lots of ham.  everywhere.  Jamon Iberico (pernil, if you're looking for the word in catalan).  

The purpose of today's excursion was to get the items for Monday night's Matzo Ball soup and I was seeking out chicken backs/necks/wings... or just plain old carcasses... and then the rest of the veggies to make the soup (or Caldo, as they called it)... how do I order 3.5 pounds of chicken carcass? I never realized how handy the unit converter app on my iPhone would come in handy (1.58 kilos)

They keep the heads on their animals... ummm okaaaaay

I asked the friendly butcher lady what that animal next to the chicken carcasses were... after saying the word in spanish (which flew over my head) - she said "buss bunny" in her attempt at english translation. Maybe one of these days I'll try a rabbit stew.  I know that Healthy Family Farms & Jimenez Farms (both at Hollywood) had frozen rabbit for sale at various times throughout the year.  But seeing as it was so exotic - I never got around to making any.  

You know how some recipes say to wash and clean the chicken?  Most chicken sold in the US is already quite clean.  These... not so much.  I  think I'll ask the butcher to lop off the head for me.  picking the feather shafts off will be oh so fun.

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