Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i like my asparagus green, thanks.

just a few things i really miss from home... (other than my friends/family)
  • listening to KCRW from any room in my apartment (ok - my last place really had only one room... but taking my computer around from room to room is not practical.
  • American Honey (by wild turkey).
  • really great cocktails in general... i could use an old fashioned after tonight.
  • the lightly/unscented body lotions that I had... the ones here conflict with my perfume.
  • my favorite Bath & Bodyworks liquid hand soap.
  • Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products.
  • fresh market greens! they've never heard of kale, they don't bring pea shoots to the market though they're in season now... seriously, the produce is just totally sucking in general.  i don't get how everyone says there's such great food here... not a fan.  and what is the big deal about white asparagus?  they make it out like it's a delicacy.  i like my asparagus green, thanks.
  • being able to get anything i need from some 24 hr market somewhere nearby.
  • researching things online and actually finding answers.
  • mexican food
  • my electric kettle (though i can get one here - but haven't yet)
  • yogi tea - green antioxidant (i don't care about antioxidant - it was just my favorite flavor)
  • forget all the tapas - give me tacos al carbon! taco zone? mariela's?  BFTE
  • being able to Yelp! about stuff.

but just for balance - some things i welcome about Barcelona (again, other than friends/family)

  • not having to drive.
  • relatively cheap wine/cava/beer
  • finding my favorite hair care product cheaper here 
  • great art nouveau architecture
  • listening to KCRW traffic reports and being happy i'm not sitting in traffic

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